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Dental implants are quite simply posts or frames that are surgically implanted in your jawbone  so that replacement teeth - caps or crowns, bridges, and even dentures - can be permanently attached.

You end up with replacement teeth that are incredibly secure and very comfortable.  Additionally, you avoid putting undue strain on surrounding teeth that would typically be used to support a bridge or partial denture.

Many people prefer implants over other solutions because they gag with more temporary solutions, have sagging gums or other issues that make bridges and dentures uncomfortable if not impossible to fit, or they just can't get used to the feel of dentures.


The benefit of implants is that they provide a life-long stable solution. However, the process for implants is a bit more time consuming with multiple stages and time for things to heal in between.

While the replacement teeth are built by Dr. Emmer and he manages the whole process, any extraction or bone graft required and the placement of the post are all performed by an oral surgeon or endodontist. 


Having worked in the area now for more than 35 years, Dr. Emmer can help you find the right surgeon or endodontist for you.

You can schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Emmer who is an expert in all forms to have him examine your mouth, discuss your needs and wants, and help you understand your options.


I lost a tooth four years ago in the top of my mouth towards the back.  Dr. Press in Morristown did the extraction for me and the placement of the post itself, but I would never trust anyone else besides Dr. Emmer to help guide me through the process and create the replacement tooth.  While the process from start to finigh took the better part of a year, my new tooth looks great, works well and is so comfortable I barely ever notice it or think about it at all.

- Ellen

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