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Bite Adjustments

Do you grind or clench your teeth?


Have you recently had a tooth repaired? Lost a tooth or experienced other changes in your mouth?


It is not uncommon for people who have experienced  trauma in their mouth, who grind or clench,  or who have loose or shifting teeth to wake up in the morning with pain, feel like things are uneven or feel their teeth hitting in new places as they chew. 

New changes in your bite, or differences in how your teeth meet can cause discomfort, make a single or several tooth very sensitive, and even contribute to breaks, chips and fractures of teeth.


Dr. Emmer will examine your bite, testing to see where misalignment in how your teeth come together may be putting undue pressure on your teeth.

Based on the results of his examination he will put together a treatment plan that may include minor adjustments to the shape of your teeth.  By filing your teeth ever so slightly he can improve how they fit together.  

He may also recommend a mouth guard to be worn at night or during the day to protect and cushion sore teeth and prevent damaging pressure from grinding or clenching.


Since Dr. Emmer took over the regular care and treatment of my mouth and has  been gradually adjusting my bite when needed, my teeth have been much less sensitive while chewing and I haven't had any more breaks.

- Amy

Ever since I can remember, I have been grinding my teeth at night, sometimes so strenuously that it wakes me up. As a result, I've experienced regular headaches and a sore mouth. Dr. Emmer worked with me to adjust my bite and then fit me for a custom mouth guard which I wear every night and replace every two years.  The plan has been very successful. My headaches are gone and I no longer feel any pain as I chew!

- John

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