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In certain circumstances missing teeth are replaced with dentures.

A patient may need to replace one or several teeth in which case they would receive a "partial denture" or they may need to replace all of their bottom or top teeth which is considered a "full denture." 

Dentures can be completely removable or secured with implants.

As with almost every complicated dental procedure, there are many factors to consider when decided between the various types of dentures including:

  • Comfort

  • Appearance

  • Oral health

  • Impact on gums and adjacent teeth

  • Function

  • Cost

  • Time to implement

Some patients who believe they need dentures, especially partial dentures, may discover that impacts are a better option.

You can schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Emmer who is an expert in all forms to have him examine your mouth, discuss your needs and wants, and help you understand your options.



Several years ago I purchased a full set of dentures and experienced tremendous pain and discomfort, even after multiple visits back to the provider for adjustments.  Last year I went to see Dr. Emmer who worked with me to build a new set of dentures that are permanently anchored with implants and I haven't had a single problem since!

- Robert

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