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Crowns & Bridges


A crown is basically a new top or "cap" for your tooth. Due to decay or damage, you may not have enough tooth left to sustain a healthy bite, prevent your teeth from moving or shifting, and maintain your overall appearance and smile.

Crowns are also needed after you've had a root canal. Dr. Emmer uses a sophisticated approach to the creation of each crown to ensure the best possible fit and cosmetic outcome.



A bridge is used to replace missing teeth. Both teeth on either sides are prepared to receive crowns which are attached to the prosthetic or fake tooth or teeth in between. 

The entire fixture if glued permanently into place.  In most instances today, implants are the preferred method of replacing one or more missing teeth, however, there are instances where a bridge may still be used.



Dr. Emmer replaced the crowns I've had on my two front teeth since a childhood accident. I always hated how they were so much bigger and brighter than the rest of my teeth. They screamed "fake."  The new crowns Dr. Emmer built are the right size and color. They look far more natural and now people can't believe it when I tell them they aren't my original teeth.

- Sue

I had a bridge that was built for me after I loss a tooth close to a decade ago. It never fit right, was difficult to keep clean, and often caused me pain. Dr. Emmer replaced it last year and I've been  very happy with his work.

- Bob

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