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Comprehensive Care

Sometimes even the slightest change in your mouth can set  off a series of downstream impacts. One new filling can cause your  bite to shift and create undue pressure on another tooth.

Dr. Emmer's goal with every patient is to take a holistic view of everything happening in your mouth and develop and execute a comprehensive treatment plan that ensures overall oral health and optimizes the way your entire mouth functions.

A good dentist and prosthodontist does whatever he or she can to help you keep your original teeth.  However, there often comes a time where the damage is too extensive or keeping your teeth intact puts too great a strain or poses a risk to other aspects of your health. 


In the same respect, missing teeth create gaps in your mouth that may cause your teeth to shift and create new problems or may attract plaque and make it harder to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

Full Mouth Reconstruction or Rehabilitation

There are patients who have suffered extensive and widespread damage to their teeth from illness, a long-history of neglect, prior accidents, severe grinding habits or conditions they've had from birth.

​Dr. Emmer has experience working with patients  to develop a treatment plan that restores full health, function, form and aesthetics of their mouth.

As you might imagine, a full mouth restoration takes significant planning, often involves other professionals at key milestones, and requires a substantial budget or financial planning.

You can schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Emmer to have him examine your mouth, discuss your needs and wants, and help you understand your options.



Several years ago I purchased a full set of dentures and experienced tremendous pain and discomfort, even after multiple visits back to the provider for adjustments.  Last year I went to see Dr. Emmer who worked with me to build a new set of dentures that are permanently anchored with implants and I haven't had a single problem since!

- Robert

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